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About us

Cerebro Information Systems Limited (Known and referred to as Cerebro Systems) is a software development and technology consulting firm that aims to provide quality software products and services addressing a broad range of technology related problems. The company has successfully delivered innovative solutions to public and private organizations across diverse industries in Nigeria and beyond

Our Belief

We strongly believe that technology in general and software in particular can be a great tool of improving the quality of human life in every part of the world. Businesses can improve their work flow, products and services by leveraging on the right software solutions. Governments and non-profit organizations can deliver their services more efficiently by deploying the right technologies, while individuals can live a more convenient life by using technology solutions tailored to achieve that.

We have over the years repeatedly proven these beliefs to be true by watching our clients improve their operations using our unique technology solutions.

What We Do

We have been successful in catering to the needs of our customers in the following areas:

  • Custom Software Development
  • Data Management Solutions
  • Web Solutions
  • Mobile Solutions &
  • Technology Consultancy

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